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dozen different lifetimes
He hangs his head
and he says
"This isn't what I intended.
I never meant for this."
All he can think of
is a dozen lifetimes of
regret, disappointment, disgrace
and he wishes that there was
a simple end to everything.
But there never is.
And all he can do is
offer half-hearted sorries,
repeated statements that
define his very being.
"Intent has nothing to do with it,"
says the more
darker part of his consciousness.
"How many times must you play
this out
before you realise all the things
you choose to do or not do
mean absolutely nothing.
Intend good, intend bad,
the result is always
the same."
He slumps his shoulders.
These things are true,
he thinks,
but what good is there in acknowledging?
He cannot take it back,
he cannot undo everything he has
done in every life of his.
Can he not take
some consolation
in that he attempted to do the right thing?
"Of course not!
There's no consolation for you!
Why do you dream of such
silly and fanciful things?
Admit it!
You are doomed and by
some e
:iconarrogance:Arrogance 1 0
a fool you are
fangs and claws and deep green
eyes like some sort of gem;
she's a monster, they say
some beast or terror
sent to destroy all we
ever held dear.
She trails a black claw across
the surface of the pool
the water rippling and
the little waves fade into nothing.
Water drips from the claw
and she sticks a long
serpentine tongue
out to catch the drops.
And she smiles with too many teeth.
I am-
I am entranced as she beckons me,
I want to resist.
I must resist!
And yet,
yet my legs go forward against my will.
"My my, little watcher
what are you
doing so far from safety?"
My mouth opens and
words spill out.
"I sought to be your end."
She puts a delicate hand over her mouth
and she giggles, before grabbing my wrist.
"You'd put your blade through my heart?
You'd put a knife to my throat?
Perhaps... perhaps crack my skull?"
"Yes, and yes, and yes again,"
I say against my will.
She yanks me close
her claws dig in
and blood trickles from newly opened
"A fool you are, little watcher,"
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simple words
Sweet simple words
he says them to her and she
she goes red and turns
her head away
"Shy?" he asks, and takes her hand
she stiffles a giggle
and gives him a small, quick
Always maybe, that he knows.
A simple limbo where
there is neither acceptance
nor denial.
This he tolerates, and allows her
her hand
and she laughs, brushing back her hair
"Does it matter?"
"No," he says, shaking his head.
"No, it never does."
She laughs, and she twirls
then in her ever teasing manner
blows a kiss before
she skirts off into the night.
He sighs.
Sweet simple words.
Always, they are in his employ
and always he shall use them.
Always, forever, until finally-
until no more maybe.
And the chance of acceptance
not denial.
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claws and teeth
A simple smear of white
at the corner of her vision
her head turns
a symphony of crackling and
borderline break
revealing nothing
nothing at all.
It's silly, she says
these worries of hers
the feeling of being watched
by some
that lurks just out of sight.
She remembers how
she fled the dark
locked her doors
drew herself in and surrounded herself with
whatever source of light she could.
Dozens of candles
wax spilt across floors
spilling over their holders
a white mess just
in the corner of her eye and again
she jerks her head and
her hair on end
but nothing
nothing again
just the thick dry rivuletes
of candle wax and nothing more!
Her heart beats
and for a moment she hears it
bursting in her ears
and she is just one small step from
"Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it, please!"
but as before
and as always
nothing, nothing, nothing at all.
She quivers, quakes, fears
her hands shake as she lights another match
puts the flame to wick
and the white white wax
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for you
Soft snow fall in the dead of winter.
A series of grey on grey on
grey? White?
It's beyond me
and my limited sight.
I have no vision for the dark
I cannot see beyond that shadow
I see this and you.
And I-
Footprints, oh, of course.
You ran through the snow,
and it settled on your shoulders, your face, your hair
and you laughed as you twirled.
And the world around you was grey.
But yet it was not a sorrowful thing.
For grey - and white and black -
all are necessary and
the picture they painted was enough.
I could only follow silent, enraptured, entranced
wondering if I had by chance
stumbled into some strange dream.
One in which there was no waking
or in which waking was some illusion.
I always loved illusion.
You did too.
Or was it prestidigitation?
Never mind, magic is magic is you.
You toss your hair and in the dark,
You are a spectre or better yet
some frozen faerie, some
of ice. Of cold. Of snow.
You dance and laugh, and
you stretch your hand out to me.
I take it.
There is no
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siren of the trees
A midnight stroll
Always, always then she took them
"Come, young man, come away,"
and never did they decline.
With her they did go
Into the fields
Into the forests
And never were they seen again.
In the brisk spring nights
She sang to them
Her simple words enticing
A siren of the trees and of the grass
"Come, young man, come away."
For years this did continue
Her midnight strolls
Her taking of the foolish
The easily tempted
The bright eyed dreamers
Until -
Until no more.
At their doors she did not beckon
No temptress's lyrical tunes
No "come, young man, come away"
Her absence had no explanation
Just a sudden void
Only questions left in her wake
And the fear of her return.
:iconarrogance:Arrogance 3 2
don't run, don't run
We fled from the licking embrace of flame to
the cold closing space of tunnels
"Don't run, don't run," some THING called out
Yet we did just that
Further and further into the dark
Around our feet water rising,
Mere puddles moving up past our ankles
to our knees
Until finally, there was no walking
Nor running
But the silent gliding of forms through water
and the ravenous sounds of
some THING which pursued
But our fear, a nebulous and constant feeling,
began to disperse into the abyssal dark
For despite the cold
despite the sense of the chase
despite some THING
there were small wonders and sights in the dark
Hidden shrines and glowing lights
Turning the impenetrable into something less
And we could not help but smile, though that
THING called out again, "Don't run, don't run"
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Fireburst by Arrogance Fireburst :iconarrogance:Arrogance 6 1 Space Is Better At Art Than Me by Arrogance Space Is Better At Art Than Me :iconarrogance:Arrogance 1 0 Bright Swirlies by Arrogance Bright Swirlies :iconarrogance:Arrogance 2 2
Are you frightened?
I am, I am
I am frightened too
Yet this fear
I fear
Is unfounded
What a Paradise is this?
Cruelty abound
A delightful menagere of
Oh, but I am to continue
What a continunance
A fated alliance
Of not one, or two
Yes, three, fine with me
I am frightened still
That I shall be devoured
Bit by bit
Until I am a mere echo of
A being that once was a
Statement of all the things you
Ever ever ever made up
Please, please, please
What Paradise is this?
I cannot escape!
Escape - hah - what a dream
Of whispered voices
And seductive tones
Your voice - yet not you
For there you are
Floors below
In your room!
I am afraid
Of fear
:iconarrogance:Arrogance 1 0
You and I
What a crime
An existential expression of
Mathematical values
What is time to
All this stagnancy?
It's just a passage!
A journey!
Time as a destination
Who would have
Ever really thought!
To say
Let's fly
You, I, no, not together
Nor apart
Existing within a moment
Just microseconds difference
All that matters is
:iconarrogance:Arrogance 1 0
Jetko - colored by Arrogance Jetko - colored :iconarrogance:Arrogance 47 7
Oh, you, you you you
I could dream of you
Forever and forever again
A wonderland of dreams
Filled of me and you
In our last moments together
Before those goodbyes
Mine, yours, ours, together
A last statement
A hopeless testament
Could you ever forgive me?
A boy, a man, caught in between
Oh what more is there to forgive?
I'm yours
Bound and gagged
I couldn't go - leave - disappear
If I tried
You are on to bigger things
Better things, a life astounded!
And I, I I I I I
Am caught in stagnant water
And cannot swim to save me from drowning
Wait with me, wait, just one moment!
Must I beg for single seconds more?
Who would have thought that I
Would be subjected
To a love I could not attain
It's my nature
To love and leave
Yet I have now been loved
And left
But still I could dream of you forever!
Your face alight with magesty
Brilliance, hope and energy
I pale beside you
And only can hope to meet
What little expectations you have
Of me
I have none for you
You have met them
Exceeded them
:iconarrogance:Arrogance 1 4
Glamour; glitter, encompass surreal
A melody of
One two three - you, me
A last ditch effort to
Be everything we always dreamed
Everything you dreamed
I am bereft of dream
I am yours
A fantasy of yours
Indulgence, wild cowardice!
Glow red white green
Sky blue and your eyes too
Everything to everyone
And nothing to no one
You are my!
I deny - exclaim - rejoyce
Phantasm, abysmal, evanescent
Dire and amazement!
Amaze me, astound me
You're the definition of
World in chaos
You're no glamour
You're the deal
Sealed and sent
Out of time reach and touch
Mine and yours
Our fantasy forever in
Colors black or white
Nothing in between!
Redemption: sweet taste of forgiven
Nothing nothing nothing of mine
:iconarrogance:Arrogance 0 0
A Very Important Man by Arrogance A Very Important Man :iconarrogance:Arrogance 1 3

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